Golfing Fundraiser

There are many ways to run a fundraiser. You want to try to gather the most people for your cause, as well as raise money and awareness for it. Keeping these things in mind, you could use something like a sporting event to do so. Many people who may not even be good at it, will still be interested in coming to have a good time. A golfing event is one example of this and here are a few things to help get you started planning one.


The reason is the main point for having the event. Those who host a fundraiser are doing it because it is something that means a lot to them for whatever reasons. They could be fighting a specific disease or trying to raise funds for a trip. As a host, show your passion for your cause so others see a reason to support it.


Giving out awards doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, but it is nice to be able to have a grand champion and overall winner. Another way to get others involved is to have golf tournament raffle prizes. If you have a few sponsors or ideas, you can earn extra support by offering more than just a trophy.


If it’s for a good cause, many places will offer availability to use their space for an event. They may offer you a special rate or even donate it to you for the charity. There are many courses and country clubs all over the US, so finding one should be easy. Try to find a nice, well-kept course so the participants are able to enjoy their time though.

In the end, a fundraiser is for a larger reason than just competition. Incorporating some of these things can help make your cause known and your fundraiser a successful one.