Buy the Splendid Candelabras to Adorn Table Next Shabbat

Shabbat is a very important ritual for Jews. They celebrate Shabbat to perfection and make any perfect arrangement to remember it. More importantly, they all follow this ritual with enthusiasm and enjoy celebrating it on the seventh day of the week. The decor and arrangements are huge with the foods and beverage.

Why do Jewish light candles?

Kuddish and candles are an important part of Shabbat. Kuddish is made for sanctifications with wine in the Kuddish cup. The head of the family will recite the Kuddish and give the cup to all the other participants of the event. And another part of Shabbat is to glorify it with lights. Candles are lit to decorate the table and make it brighter. Every Friday night, Jewish candles lit candles to sanctify and fill the house with tranquility. The ritual is to light the same number of candles as family members. Even children … Read More