The Concept of PrimeSport

Being a top-notch international Sports Travel and Event Management company that provides tickets, hospitality, and travel for sports fanatics as well as corporate clients, the concept behind PrimeSport is as innovative and intuitive as it is modern. Each year, numerous sports events are held across the globe, hundreds of players and fans join those events from around the world. For any avid sports fan to be able to enjoy every sports event with ease and facility, they have to go to great lengths and manage everything for their trip – every detail has to be taken care of. Not only during the traveling course but also after they reach their destination. Sports stadiums can be confusing as well as inconvenient if you go unprepared. Not only fans but corporates also have to conduct sports tours on which they need to be facilitated throughout. 

That is where PrimeSport comes as one solution to a number of different problems that people encounter on their sports tours and trips. It aims to facilitate people from across the world by offering a great experience to them from the moment they embark on the tour right to the moment when they step back into their homes. Whether you are in search of that outstanding experience at the Final Four or want to impress a client at one of the world’s top golf tournaments, PrimeSport can facilitate you. One of the most attractive things about PrimeSport is that it can leverage unbeatable access and experiences for its clients by offering premium experiential hospitality services. 

They partner up with multiple different companies like, On Location Experiences, CID entertainment, Kreate Inc, Steve Frugal’s International Tours and Future Beat to provide top-notch services. All these companies specialize in providing different things and cooperate with each other to leverage the services offered by the single, unique platform of PrimeSport. On-Location Experiences is a company that provides experiential hospitality business by providing ticketing, curated hospitality, live event production, and travel management in the domain of sports and entertainment by partnering to over 150 right holders including the PGA of America, the NFL, NCAA, and the United States Tennis Association. It offers outstanding experiences on different marquee events like the NFL Draft, PGA of America events, numerous College Football Bowl Games, the Tennis Majors, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl.