Online Mental and Emotional Health Resources

Online Mental and Emotional Health Resources

During the most recent decades, the world has seen a revolution in the variety and availability of mental and emotional health resources, and this revolution has also been reflected online. Read on to discover some different types of mental and emotional health care that are now available online to anyone who might need them.


If you’re the learning type, there are now online courses in a variety of health and well-being subjects, such as healing depression and anxiety, learning to battle stress and crises, and even online anger management courses. Some classes take several weeks to complete and some take just a few days. Be creative in your search terms and you’ll be surprised at the wealth of opportunities that appear.


Connecting with a mental and emotional health professional online has never been easier. Instead of driving to see a psychiatrist, therapist or counselor, people now have the option of using online therapy services, which may use either videoconferencing, telephone conferencing, or the latest modality, text or email messaging.  Some services are even offered as a proprietary app for your smart devices!


Humans are social and often work best supporting one another in groups. It’s no surprise then that support groups for a plethora of issues have been around since at least the 1980s, and many have had an online presence for nearly as long. Such groups exist for everything from overeating to depression to Asperger’s Syndrome, and with the advent of smartphones, it’s now even easier to connect with them.

There are so many options now for mental and emotional health that it is much easier, and some would say much more fun, to seek and find ways to be well. Be sure to use the resources that are right for you, and enjoy your path to wellness.