Different types of ATVs

You can find it exhilarating when you plan for an ATV adventure during your holidays. Maybe, you might not have experienced off-road driving and want to attempt it with your friends and family members. Ideally, there are four kinds of ATVs that you can choose from. Keep reading this guide to uncover the one that you might love to experience first.

Youth ATVs

These ATVs are small, and you can easily control them. Most of them provide additional safety features. For instance, you can get one that shuts off automatically if you fall off when riding. They usually come in with an engine transmission of between 50 to 125cc. They provided limited or no suspension, automatic transmission, or no gear and less power. 

These ATVs are primarily designed for riders with limited or no riding experience, especially children. Further, when you visit certified ATV rentals, you will realize that youth ATVs have a weight limit of between 100 to 150 lbs depending on the model and make. Further, most of them have automatic clutches and electric starters to ensure that children can easily learn how to ride them. 

Side by side ATVs

These vehicles have two front seats and, in some cases, two back seats. They work like heavy-duty golf carts. Unlike sports or utility ATVs, side-by-side quads have a steering wheel instead of a roll bar, seat belts, foot pedals, and handlebars. You can sit inside like a car. These quads have a short wheel-base, extreme suspension, and are lightweight, enabling them to maneuver off-road terrain. In most cases, you can spot side-by-side ATVs in dunes, deserts, and snowy areas. If you enjoy exploring the outside environment with other people, side-by-side quads might be the ideal option for you. 

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs are mainly designed for heavy-duty work, including pushing a plow blade, pulling farm equipment or trailer, and hauling cargo on rear and front racks. Such a case explains why these devices have become famous among individuals with extensive pieces of land, since they have a lot of agility and power but limited speed. Currently, most service personnel, law office officers, industries use this kind of ATV. Also, anglers, campers, and hunters like using it.

Typically, people consider utility ATVs as sluggish handling devices with slow but robust engines and minimal suspension travel. However, such aspects have changed since utility four-wheelers are designed to offer high comfortability and fun when traveling on trails. Further, modern utility quads manage to maneuver through when facing issues in steep hill climbs, rocks, or mud. In particular, they have great traction and high ground clearance. Not only that, the utility quads have other additional features, including liquid-cooled engines, independent rear suspension, removable headlights, auxiliary electrical outlets, and storage boxes.

Sports ATV

It is the second most famous ATV provided by most ATV rental companies. It comes with an engine that ranges between 2500 cc and 700cc. The sports AVT are lightweight and have several suspensions to handle turns, 

Typically, sports ATVs feature long-travel suspension, powerful engines, and a relatively lightweight handle for easier handling on both trail and track. Sports quads are the best at popping wheelies, sliding around corners, hitting the rough ground, and jumping. You can enjoy riding these four-wheeled vehicles if you have a lot of experience.